Shady Lady – Now for something a little different!

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I need to take a step away from all the awesome nail polish, other beauty tips, and the online savings I’ve found and talk about my friend Graham Moseley Brown. He and I met way back in 2006(ish) in Mesa, Arizona at Inside the Bungalow. I was there with my buddy Tyler and we were there to sing a their open mic night and there we met up with Graham.

Graham is such an amazing singer and an even more of an amazing person. He’s always smiling and always friendly. The three of us connected that night and they would invite me up to sing with them for some of my most favorite songs.

Here’s some pics of those times. (Bet you didn’t think I had these huh Graham? Lol.)

Graham (Left), Tyler (Middle), and Me!

Graham (Left), Tyler (Middle), and Me!

And here’s some pictures from us at Inside the Bungalow.

Graham singing one of his awesome songs.

Graham singing one of his awesome songs. (Photo by Me)

Me and Graham

Me and Graham

Me and Graham

Me and Graham

Anyway enough with the trip down memory lane!

The point of this post is to encourage you all to please go check out Graham’s incredible new single “Shady Lady”. I really love it and it has shown how much Graham has grown as a musician. So please go check it out on his Facebook page. You can download it for FREE HERE. Or you can help Graham out and purchase the new song on iTunes.

Thanks for checking this out and taking a trip down memory lane with me!

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