Unboxing! Open An Oyster, LLC!


Wow! I can’t believe how quickly these came! Brittany of Open An Oyster, LLC opened my tray Thursday night and sent out my winning pearls Friday morning! I received them yesterday.

Aren’t they pretty?

Here’s a link to the video I recorded of my unboxing. Please have a look HERE!





This purple one is my favorite!









Here’s pictures from the Unboxing as well!


Thanks again goes out to Brittany and her team from Open An Oyster, LLC! I will be ordering one of the pendants for my beautiful lavender pearl asap!

The company will hopefully be expanding and will be looking for hostesses to host their online opening parties soon. I’ll definitely be posting the info once it becomes available.

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page to see one of their live openings!

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