Walgreens Back To School SALE!


Picture originally courtesy of Daniel Oines 


FYI! Walgreens has a BUNCH of school stuff on sale right now! I’m not gonna post it all but my favorite things are:

all Crayola items (pencil, crayons, and markers) are Buy One Get One Free and

the different Post-It Note items are Buy One Get One 50% OFF!

Also, the Elmer’s glue mentioned in this previous blog is on sale for $0.49! Yes 49 CENTS! Such an awesome price and it will last you forever if you just use it to prevent nail polish oopsies on your cuticles!

You can visit the Walgreens Site to check out the ad in your area to find out what is on sale. I think it’s all the same country wide but just in case!

Reminder! You must use your Walgreens card for these sale prices!

Happy Shopping!