Twice Review!


I am so excited about this purse! I’ve been wanting this purse for EVER. And I finally was able to grab it!

I found it on Twice and was so excited I wrote a post about it immediately.

When I opened it I was initially disappointed, because it smelled so strongly of whomever owned it before. The perfume smell was really, really bad. I left it out in the open and thankfully it has aired out enough so that I’m able to use it. I am super allergic to perfumes but thankfully it turned out to be ok.


The purse itself was in ok condition. It was a little more used than I had anticipated. Twice should consider putting up more pictures, especially for the higher end items they are selling on their website.


This little strap used to close the main compartment was obviously damaged.


The bottom of the purse had definitely been used and this was not clearly described in the listing on the website.


The inside definitely could have been cleaned better before sending out to a new customer.


I did email Twice about the condition of the purse when I received it and they were super apologetic and offered me an in-store credit.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my purchase and experience with Twice and will definitely purchase again. (I’ll be sure to post the details when I do!) I am going to be emailing them about adding more images to their listings and hopefully they will. I’ll keep you all posted on that.

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