DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Brush Holder Collage

While out grocery shopping recently I randomly saw these little containers in the “other cultures” section.


Upon closer inspection I realized they were actually pretty freaking adorable glass jars. So I decided to grab a few and see how they would work as a makeup brush holder.



They were legitimately a pain in the arse to clean but hey… nothing worth doing doesn’t usually suck at first. So here’s the details on how I did it!


Those are the tools I used to complete this task.


First you have to get the thing open with out making a HUGE mess. I ended up using the can opener thingy from one of my husbands utility knives and carefully popped the top. The lid is seriously stuck on the little jars so be careful when opening it.


Once opened prepare for the creepy mixture. And the smell isn’t so great either. On the very top is some gel type mixture.


Once you get rid of that, you will be stuck with a hard mixture of “goop”. That’s seriously the best and only word I can use to describe it.


This stuff is pretty solid so I would use a huge knife (see one pictured above) to get the gunk out. It took me a while to do the first one but once I figured out the best way (jam the knife into the mixture and try to push it all the way down to the base of the glass so some air can get in there) it was pretty easily done after that.


Bamn! Empty and cleanable container!


Now the labels on these containers suck and I do NOT suggest trying to peel them off. Instead soak those suckers for about an hour in warm water. The labels will peel off and you will be able to scratch off the residue left with your finger nails or a spoon.


Wa la! Cute brush holders!


NOTE: There are two different designs available apparently. I just happened to pick up two of each.

So there you have it! Cute and cheap-ish makeup brush holders.