Unboxing! Lucky 7 Nail Oil!

unboxing lucky 7

I am so, so excited, squee! I had posted in one of the nail polish groups I belong to on Facebook about my current issues with my nails. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been painting them more frequently (vs like never painting them for years) or if it’s something I’m not eating. The white dots across them are a new thing, I actually noticed them tonight. Before they were just breaking and peeling super bad. Here’s the pictures I had shared:

nails before nails before2

(The black splotches are leftovers from me painting my dragons eggs lol. Future post to come about those!)

The owner of Lucky 7 Nail Oil just happened to be in the Facebook Group and offered to send me a sample of her product. Of course I said YES please!

I’ll be posting how the product works and a review after I’ve used it for a couple weeks. So far I’m in love with it. I tried it earlier tonight and was super impressed with how my nails looked afterwards. And the fact it has very limited scent to it is a huge plus for me. I’m super sensitive to perfumes and can’t use a ton of products because of the smell associated with said product. You can however custom pick the scent of the oil on the website.

Check back in a few weeks for my review!