Quick Tip! Use Elmer’s Glue on cuticles!


Did you know you can save a ton of time and heart ache when painting your nails with just an awesome little trick I learned? All you need it Elmer’s Glue (like what you used in elementary school) and a small brush!

You remember painting your fingertips or the palm of your hand right? And how after it dried you’d peel it off? That was one of the best things to do in Art time!

Well now you can relive your childhood and get a perfect manicure in the process. All you have to do is trace the outline of your nails with Elmer’s Glue¬†before you paint them. I like using a concealer brush like the Elf Concealer Brush.


You let the Elmer’s Glue dry completely (it goes clear) before painting your nails like usual. Then after your nails are dry comes the fun part! You get to peel off the Elmer’s Glue!


I like using a pair of needle nose¬†tweezers, it’s super easy!


Afterwards, you have a damn near perfect manicure. Love it!



Polish used is Rainbow Honey’s Heisenberg.