Notedian order is here!

first order notedian.jpg

Got my beauties from Notedian today! (They were locked up and being held hostage at my work mailbox for a few days lol).

The shipping was super fast regardless and I’m super happy! They even sent me a cute little gift bag for my notebooks. Can’t wait to start using these beauties 🙂

The sale they have going on is good until the end of November, just fyi. It’s free shipping for orders over $35 but they are also offering 10% off of any order! Use code FALLSALE16 to receive your 10% discount. Shop HERE!

I’ve ordered a few more lol and I’ll be getting them this week!

Do you BuJo?! is having a sale!


I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with the world Bullet Journaling or BuJo but I have recently fallen down that rabbit hole.

Bullet Journaling a completely customizable planning system that can change to whatever you need. People use it to plan their day, week, month and also whatever else they want to write down. And you can be as creative and artistic as you would like. It’s pretty awesome

The most popular Journal I’ve seen is the Leuchtturm1917 Medium Notebook A5 with the dotted pages (seen below).


But you can use whatever you like! That’s one of the huge bonuses of Bullet Journaling, you can do whatever you want!

The Bullet Journalling system was developed by Ryder Carrol (you can follow him on Instagram or check out his website HERE). People have adapted the original style of bullet journal to create more artistic forms of creativity. It’s amazing to go on Instagram and search #BuJo and #BulletJournal. It’s very inspiring.

One of my most favorite person to follow is Boho Berry! She is incredibly artistic and I really hope I am able to adapt some of her spreads into my own bullet journal. Here are all her various links:

Here’s an example of one of her beautiful weekly spreads!


I’ve been following Llama’s Love Lettering on YouTube to try and improve my writing and Cindy’s classes have helped a lot in my planner. I hope to start incorporating it into my BuJo once I receive the ones I ordered this morning. Definitely check out her Channel on YouTube and also check out her Website to learn more.

These are the two Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks I ordered! I can’t wait to get them!

I ordered my Leuchtturm1917 Medium Dotted Notebooks from Notedian. I ordered the Azure and the Light Blue and I can not wait to get them in!

Notedian is having an awesome sale right now. They not only have free shipping for orders over $35 but they are also offering 10% off of any order! Use code FALLSALE16 to receive your 10% discount.

I’ll be posting up an unboxing video and blog post when I receive my order. And I’ll definitely be posting about how I’m setting it up for my writing ideas. So stay tuned!

Ally Bank want’s to reignite our love of Penny’s

Ally Bank has created look a like penny’s and left them in public places. If you find one you could get $1000 😀
So if you’re in New York, New York; Detroit, Michigan; Charlotte, North Carolina; the District of Columbia; San Diego, California; Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Miami, Florida; Los Angeles, California; or Chicago, Illinois, keep an eye out for penny’s on the ground!

Unboxing! Open An Oyster, LLC!


Wow! I can’t believe how quickly these came! Brittany of Open An Oyster, LLC opened my tray Thursday night and sent out my winning pearls Friday morning! I received them yesterday.

Aren’t they pretty?

Here’s a link to the video I recorded of my unboxing. Please have a look HERE!





This purple one is my favorite!









Here’s pictures from the Unboxing as well!


Thanks again goes out to Brittany and her team from Open An Oyster, LLC! I will be ordering one of the pendants for my beautiful lavender pearl asap!

The company will hopefully be expanding and will be looking for hostesses to host their online opening parties soon. I’ll definitely be posting the info once it becomes available.

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page to see one of their live openings!

I won! Open An Oyster, LLC



Lately people on Facebook have been sharing these live video streams of people opening up oysters to reveal their pearls. Have you seen them? They are so addicting!

One of the companies Open An Oyster, LLC is my favorite one to watch! I’ve been following them for the last month or so on their Facebook.  They have live openings every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Anyway, this last Monday they had an amazing audience of over 13,000 people watching, including myself, and ended up giving away 7 tray openings because they had so many people join in. Happily, I ended up being one of the winners!

They sell the individual oysters on their website ($25 per oyster to be opened live on the live stream) or your can purchase tray of 4 oysters for $100 and you get the 5th one free! If you decide you’d like to open the oysters your self you can also purchase them online for $20 each (plus shipping).

One of the pluses to having them open the oysters live on Facebook is if by the slim chance there isn’t a pearl once the oyster is opened, they will open up a new one! Which I think is pretty awesome. There is no guarantee that if you don’t end up finding a pearl in the ones that are shipped you. They’ve only found 3 oysters without the pearl live during the openings and this is a pretty rare occurrence. They’ve opened over 7,000 so far!

Anyway, here’s a link to the now recorded live opening of my 5 oysters! You can see my oysters at about the 7:30 minute mark.

I’ve screen shot the section from Brittany (the owner of Open An Oyster, LLC) opening my oysters and they are posted below.


These are the five oysters she will be opening 🙂


Here’s the first one!


It is a golden cream! Size 7.52 mm


Isn’t it pretty!?


Here’s the 2nd one!


It’s a gold 7.21 mm


So pretty!


Here’s the 3rd one!


It’s a lovely peach! Sized 7.49 mm


It looks so shiny!


Here’s the 4th one!


It’s a purple one!! So excited! It’s 7.06mm


I was hoping for one of these violet beauties!


Here’s the 5th and last one!


It’s a lovely peach/pink one! And it’s the biggest of the bunch, 7.65mm


Here are my lovely pearls!


Thank you so very much Brittany

I can not WAIT to get my oysters! I’ll be posting an unboxing video when I get them and also will post pictures in a new blog post once they arrive.

Open an Oyster, LLC also sells pendants and necklaces that their pearls fit in to. They are sterling silver coated or sterling. Please check out the shop section of their website.

I plan on ordering the Lotus pendant for my lovely lavender pearl!


Thank you so very much Brittany! I love my pearls and can’t wait to get them.

The company will hopefully be expanding and will be looking for hostesses to host their online opening parties soon.

Here’s the link to my UNBOXING!

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page to see one of their live openings!

FYI! #TargetRunDay Is Coming!


Target is having an event on Sunday Aug 28th! You get 10% Off your entire order or purchase 🙂

“Shopping the sale is simple. If you’re headed to Target, just grab the coupon from Sunday’s Weekly Ad. Or, text RUN to TARGET (827438) for a mobile coupon to use on Sunday. Scan at checkout and you’re golden! On, checkout like usual and the extra 10% off will automatically apply—no code needed.”

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August 1-7 2016 Sage Francis inspired Spread!

Full Spread Aug 1-7

This week is inspired by my all time favorite song, “Sea Lion” by Sage Francis. (Have a listen here!)

I’m playing around with my lighting etc for my spread pics. I don’t have it quite nailed yet but I hope to soon.

AUG 1-7IMG_1645FullSizeRender

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Walgreens Back To School SALE!


Picture originally courtesy of Daniel Oines 


FYI! Walgreens has a BUNCH of school stuff on sale right now! I’m not gonna post it all but my favorite things are:

all Crayola items (pencil, crayons, and markers) are Buy One Get One Free and

the different Post-It Note items are Buy One Get One 50% OFF!

Also, the Elmer’s glue mentioned in this previous blog is on sale for $0.49! Yes 49 CENTS! Such an awesome price and it will last you forever if you just use it to prevent nail polish oopsies on your cuticles!

You can visit the Walgreens Site to check out the ad in your area to find out what is on sale. I think it’s all the same country wide but just in case!

Reminder! You must use your Walgreens card for these sale prices!

Happy Shopping!

Quick Tip! Use Elmer’s Glue on cuticles!


Did you know you can save a ton of time and heart ache when painting your nails with just an awesome little trick I learned? All you need it Elmer’s Glue (like what you used in elementary school) and a small brush!

You remember painting your fingertips or the palm of your hand right? And how after it dried you’d peel it off? That was one of the best things to do in Art time!

Well now you can relive your childhood and get a perfect manicure in the process. All you have to do is trace the outline of your nails with Elmer’s Glue before you paint them. I like using a concealer brush like the Elf Concealer Brush.


You let the Elmer’s Glue dry completely (it goes clear) before painting your nails like usual. Then after your nails are dry comes the fun part! You get to peel off the Elmer’s Glue!


I like using a pair of needle nose tweezers, it’s super easy!


Afterwards, you have a damn near perfect manicure. Love it!



Polish used is Rainbow Honey’s Heisenberg.